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There are still six small pieces in star hotels in Guangzhou

2019/9/6 10:21:16
On September 1st, Guangzhou comprehensively promoted the reduction of disposable goods in hotels. Star-rated hotels in Guangzhou did not put "six small pieces" disposable goods (toothbrushes, combs, razors, shoe polishes, bath wipes, nail files) in their rooms to guide consumers to develop green living and consumption habits. Nevertheless, there are still a few hotels that still "go their own way" and continue to actively place "six small pieces" in their rooms.
Staff at the Shangri-La Hotel in Guangzhou said, "We don't have disposable things here that can be reused. Toothbrushes are not lost when you use them today. For example, if you live here, you can take them away and throw them away when they are broken. The reporter also asked the question, if the guests do not take away, these items will be discarded, is not also equivalent to disposable items? The staff said, "We will deal with environmental protection and recycle it."
Regarding the so-called "environmental toothbrush" issue raised by the Shangri-La Hotel in Guangzhou, the responsible person said that if the toothbrush provided by the hotel belongs to the environmental protection type, it should do a good job of informing service to remind the residents to recycle and reuse, and can be taken away for reuse. If it's still replaced every day, it's just like disposable goods.
If there are hotels that still "go their own way" and do not implement the relevant provisions, and continue to provide and display "six small pieces" on their own initiative, what action will the tourism department take? In this regard, the relevant person in charge said that at present, the main stage is supervision and publicity, but also advocated that all hotels in the city actively participate in the garbage classification action. According to Guangzhou Municipal Solid Waste Classification Regulations, if a hotel fails to perform the work of garbage classification, the city management department will enforce the law and punish it, and the tourism department will also cooperate with the city management department to do a good job of supervision and management.

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