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Shanghai Disneyland: Visitors will be able to bring their own food into the park!

2019/9/7 10:24:56
Disneyland management team is actively communicating with relevant parties. On the basis of continuing to listen to the opinions and suggestions of all parties, it will launch a number of measures in the next stage, including security check and food policy, to further improve the operation of the park and optimize the visitor experience.
Xue Binjun, Director of Security, Safety, Fire Protection and Health Services of Shanghai Disneyland Resort, said: "We understand that the current process of entry security may bring discomfort to some tourists. Garden management team has been actively listening to feedback from all parties, and under the support and guidance of relevant departments, carefully study and optimize the security inspection process to achieve two major objectives: first, all the premise, namely, to ensure the safety of tourists and performers; second, to provide more comfortable experience for our tourists.
Xue Binjun said that the security inspection team in Shanghai Disneyland is optimizing the existing manual inspection methods to reduce the impact of inspection on tourists'experience through more friendly and humane processes and services. It is suggested that tourists can open their bags by themselves during the security inspection. If required by the security inspectors, tourists can take out their personal belongings and put them back after inspection. The management team will continue to cooperate with all relevant departments to continuously adjust and optimize the process of entry security inspection. Considering the next step, we should increase the investment of security inspection equipment, use a variety of scientific and technological means, such as X-ray machines, to assist human services, and constantly enhance visitors'entry experience.
Meanwhile, Xue Binjun said that the management of Shanghai Disneyland paid close attention to and listened to a lot of suggestions about the current prohibition of carrying items into the park, especially for food and drinks. Based on these feedback, we will soon adjust our take-out food policy. In addition to re-processing, thermal storage and irritating food, visitors will be able to bring food for their own consumption into the paradise. At the same time, we will continue to strengthen the diversified supply of food in the park, increase the number of different varieties, tastes and prices of food, and provide more rich catering choices for tourists. In addition, visitors will continue to be able to bring bottled water and drinks into the park. More than 50 direct drinking water supply points and more than 20 hot water supply points throughout the park will continue to provide free cold and hot water for visitors. But alcoholic drinks will still be banned.
At present, Shanghai Disneyland is updating its official ticket-buying channels and platform ticket-buying process to ensure that visitors are aware of the park's guidelines and visitors'instructions before purchasing tickets and make arrangements in advance.
With the support and cooperation of various departments, the management team of the park is identifying and implementing various operational optimization measures as soon as possible. In preparing for the implementation of these measures, they also hope to gain public understanding and support. For the garden management team, seeing the smiling faces of tourists everyday is the greatest motivation for them to keep moving forward and striving.

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