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OYO Hotel Drives Industry Change

2019/9/9 9:21:03
In 2013, OYO Hotel was born in India. With the accurate control of the hotel market, the precise positioning of products and the rapid expansion of stores, OYO Hotel has become the star hotel in India. At present, the number of rooms has reached 200,000, and it has become the largest hotel group in India with far more hotels than the competitors.
Since OYO Hotel has made great achievements in the Indian market, it has begun to expand globally. Today, in 2019, OYO Hotel has spread all over the world, including China, the United States, Brazil, Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia and more than 80 countries, more than 800 cities. According to the number of rooms in the hotel company, OYO has become the third largest hotel in the world. Up to now, OYO has 1 million rooms in the world, surpassing Intercontinental, Accor, Windham and other hotel groups, and is second only to Marriott and Hilton in the number of rooms. At present, OYO Hotel has been in China for 20 months. It has 13,000 hotels and more than 590,000 rooms in China. "No hotel brand or hotel group has ever had such a speed." Nowadays, OYO Hotel has become the largest single-brand hotel chain and the second largest hotel chain in China, according to Shi Zhenkang.
OYO entered China at the end of 2017. According to the data of China Hotel Industry Report, there are about 920,000 single hotels in China's Hotel stock market, accounting for more than 85%, and the accessible market scale is close to 1 trillion yuan. Shi Zhenkang said that small and medium-sized single hotels in China often have problems such as aging facilities, weak competition and declining revenue. Especially single Hotels with room size less than 80 are in urgent need of renovation and upgrading. On the other hand, the rising consumption capacity of the sunken markets such as "young people in small towns" and "seeing the world in the sunset" has brought new market opportunities.
With so many hotel owners and consumers in urgent need, OYO Hotel will take an active role, based on the "demand-driven" business model, and take root in the sinking market in an all-round way. OYO Hotel has built a whole stack hotel production line. Through development, transformation, operation and distribution, it excavates the value of the hotel and remoulds a single hotel.
In OYO Hotel 2.0 mode, OYO enjoys the right of pricing through all channels, controls the operation of the hotel more effectively, and brings the owner higher profits through dynamic price adjustment with big data. At the same time, based on the intermediate operation system, OYO wine list has tried to access a variety of intelligent devices in stores, such as intelligent door lock, direct Wifi, shared charging treasure, intelligent freezer, capsule drinker, etc., to continuously optimize customer experience.
In the distribution sector, OYO injects abundant online traffic into individual hotels. On the one hand, OYO guides the hotel through its own APP and rich marketing activities with the help of a large membership system. On the other hand, OYO opens the OTA direct channel for individual hotels, through the group level brand display, greatly improves the hotel's exposure rate and conversion rate, and ultimately brings the hotel RevPAR and the overall revenue enhancement.

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